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Family Tree Exhibition

Fam Tree poster

The theme for Catholic Schools’ Week is family, and as the whole school will celebrate this week, here in Archives and the Digital Learning Centre we’ve focused on two displays; a window displaying both books and DVDs featuring families.

Family Window

We put together a small exhibition of family trees from both staff and students. Many of our 4th year students undertake this as a project, and work with us here in the DLC (Digital Learning Centre) on locating as much information from both living relatives, our census records, old documents and photographs in the family home.

Full Exhibition

Many of our students have had fathers, grandfathers and even great grandfathers attending Blackrock College, and as we have a dedicated Archives department we hold numerous records about past pupils. Clare and Caroline prepared some material to illustrate the kinds of materials that are held and how our students can go about locating them.


Here is a snapshot of some of the family trees that have been put together – well done to all students and staff.

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The American Dream: Of Mice & Men Project

American Dream 2

In November I worked closely with Mr. Orrock on 26B English poster presentations, incorporating research techniques such as planning your research, where to source information, how to use the information correctly and how to cite the information used.

Over all criteria for the students

The poster involved the following parts:

  1. Written Section (25m)
    1. Word Count: 300
    2. Mixture of block-text, mind-maps etc.
  1. Artistic Section (25m)
    1. Original artwork
    2. Responsibly sourced images
    3. Graphics

Students started with a powerpoint (American Dream) about mindmapping and planning.

Then the students split in to groups, and worked out their individual roles. We used a padlet for this purpose and uploaded the link to our VLE Moodle.

AM Padlet
Padlet detailing the self-assigned group roles

The students were encouraged to try storyboarding, in order to plan out what their final poster would look like.

2nd year American Dream

AD storyboard

The students researched, typed up information, printed off photos and designed their own artwork in groups.

The final posters were produced and presented to the entire class. Well done to our fantastic second years – such hard work and planning went into it all.