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Archives Project: John ffrench sculpture conservation

Hello from the archives!

We recently acquired a beautiful John ffrench terracotta sculpture for the college. John ffrench was the leading pioneer of contemporary ceramics in Ireland, who was a past student Blackrock College.

You can take a look at some of his work here


Above: John ffrench

We are delighted to have an authentic ffrench piece to be displayed alongside so many other pieces by talented past students.

The sculpture arrived to us in less than perfect condition; it had been displayed in a home and been moved around a few times. It had a considerable amount of dust and dirt on in, along with a few missing parts. We have brought in an expert conservator, Lorna Barnes, for the job. The work is far too complex and specialised for me and Caroline to complete, as we would risk damaging the art.

John ffrench 48 ceramics on board

Above: The work as it arrived initially.

Lorna has been working away this week carefully cleaning and fixing the small breaks in the sculpture.

IMG_20171012_102240   IMG_20171012_102324

Above: Lorna working.

We are very lucky to acquire such a detailed piece by John ffrench, and we look forward to seeing how it looks when the conservation is complete.